In today’s world, allopathic medicine has gained vast popularity for fighting diseases. They are suggested by doctors globally. This method of using pharmaceutical drugs, radiations, and surgeries may definitely cure illnesses. But, the mental impact the disease leaves behind is not taken into account. Allopathic medication is also said to have side effects that can be harmful for the humankind.

Some common yet frustrating side effects include insomnia, constipation, skin rashes, or dermatitis. Diseases highly demotivate patients and steal away the zeal of their lives. It is scientifically proven that stress decreases our lifespan by around 2.8 years.

We at Rishipathy have decided to take a unique turn, to help you cure without allopathic medication. Just by our name, you can understand the emphasis we put on the Rishi Tradition. The Rishi Tradition has been in existence for thousands and thousands of years. This religious tradition soothes the soul with spiritual practices and Vedas.

  • Owned by Kalpamrit Marketing Private Limited, Rishipathy focuses on natural remedies revolving around the authenticity of Yoga and Ayurveda.

  • Rishipathy has been set up with the sole aim of reestablishing the Rishi Tradition. Profound practices like yoga and Ayurveda are easy to implement and follow. They do not require expensive materials that will empty your wallets. Taking up these 100% organic practices may also eliminate the hefty amounts you spend in the form of hospital bills and medicines.

  • We strive to make everyone healthy from within by making them follow our ever natural processes. Join our wellness centre for helping us accomplish our goal.

  • Rishipathy is all set to guide you towards the clinically proven, organic remedies. With the help of experts in the fields of yoga and Ayurveda, recover and rejuvenate yourself. We are beyond happy to be serving you.