Rishipathy products can be purchased through our official site www.kalpamritmarketing.com. You may need to create an account or provide some personal information (name, address, phone number) relating to the delivery of the product.

Our products can be paid for using any international credit card, for example, MasterCard, VISA, etc. Our payment portal is 100% secured and your important online banking options are held solely by us. We are a trusted site and have zero records of customer payment inconvenience.

Upon purchasing from Rishipathy, you will be sent an email with your complete order details. Afterward, you are most likely to be contacted via texts or phone calls by the delivery man, until and unless your product is in your hands.

Yes, we deliver our products to cities across India. The delivery charge of shipping to different cities may be higher than the normal delivery charge.

Medications at Rishipathy are provided by skilled Ayurveda doctors. Our ailments are safe and made with natural herbs and spices.

Rishipathy also prescribes yoga courses as remedies for diseases. This practice is globally known for its effectiveness. All our ailments at Rishipathy are suggested by experts and have zero after-effects.

All our products are delivered via trusted and well-known courier service providers. We will let you know when we hand over your product to the courier service company via an SMS or phone call.

As soon as your product reaches your city, we will let you know about the courier package details and provide you with all information as to how you can collect it.